Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Universal Soldier 4 Movie

Universal Soldier 4 Movie - Universal Soldier IV FilmJean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren will team up again for a new Universal Soldier movie. Yep we me get ready for Universal Soldier 4! And please take a sit: Universal Soldier will be in marvelous 3D! Can you imagine that? Two aging super-soldiers kicking and smashing evil baddies in 3D: it's gonna be a hit for sure...

Director John Hyams, who directed last year's reboot Universal Soldier Regeneration, will be back to helm Universal 4. The film will be based on a script he wrote. The plot hasn't been revealed yet though. I wonder what villains will be pitted against the universal soldiers this time, human baddies, cyborgs, or mutants?

Filming should start in October 2010. So the movie Universal Soldier IV is likely to be released end of 2011. And since they're making the movie in 3D, they're probably eying a theatrical distribution instead of a straight to DVD release.

Any suggestion to Director John Hyams for the movie Universal Soldier 4?